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Best ramen noodles you will ever try

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Made such an amazing dish yesterday I just have to share the recipe with you, it was literally the best ramen noodles I have ever made. And hey, it’s healthy! I used 100% soy bean noodles to cut down on the carbs and made sure to use free range eggs (an addition of my own, by the way they are poached) and grass-fed beef, both from Switzerland, in order to really get a high quality dish. The […]

A Friday off

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Good mooooorning! Oh how I love living in a catholic area – we have so many days off! Yesterday there was an apéro at my uni to celebrate the 1st year’s success at creating their very own Rube Goldberg/domino-effect machine (see “This Too Shall Pass” by Ok Go) and to welcome them into the DMI community. And daaamn I have to say, they are so much better at organising apéros than we were back in the […]


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Food / Travelling

The different buildings and areas in New York are pretty and all, but WHAT ABOUT THE FOOD? Before we left I searched and searched after good bars/restaurants/cafes/places but all I found were the generic places, and well, I wanted something.. LOCAL. When my sister and I were there we spent most of our money on food and drinks so allow me to give you some tips! PANCAKES Let’s just face it, pancakes are a no-brainer, you […]


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Food / Travelling

New York New York, where should I begin? I guess first of all: WE’RE HERE!! After months of waiting we finally touched down in the big apple on Tuesday and after the usual near-an-hour wait for immigration we were freeee!    Top of the Rock(efeller Center) with amazing views over the whole of Manhattan. Tip! If you are going to New York do this one early, because it really helps when you try to orient […]

Kale and pear salad with marinated tofu

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Looking for something to eat that’s light, vegan, low carb, high protein? Or just something yummy? Then this salad is perfect! I came up with the recipe because well.. It’s what I had at home! – Mix balsamic vinagre, olive oil, salt and pepper, cut the tofu in thin triangles and leave the pieces in the mixture for at least 30 min. – Slice the kale into fine pieces and cut a small pear into […]

Vegan Curry Lentil Coconut soup

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1st exam done and done well, only seven left. Luzern is grey and rainy today so I thought I would make something warm and yummy for lunch. I present to you a vegan curry coconut lentil soup! Say whaaaat yes I know it was the first time I had heard of lentil and curry together before either but trust me it’s amaaazing and just hot enough to make your lips tingle. 1 tbsp olive/coconut oil 1 […]