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Don’t be like that honey, it’s weird, you are great the way you are, please don’t. 

Being afraid of change is being afraid of the natural progression of life, and being scared of progression is dangerous. 

Laleh, a Swedish artist, sings Det kommer aldrig bli som förr, det kommer bara bli bättre which means “Life will never be like before, it will only get better”. 

In the last 5 years I’ve felt too much and I’ve felt nothing, made connections at that have changed my life, seen new parts of the world, discovered ways of living, thinking, and loving and now.. Like I’ve lost a piece of myself. Maybe that’s what happens when you invest in something with your whole heart, whether it’s school, work, or relationships. Loose a relationship and you loose the piece of yourself that person had in your heart, and what will replace it? Work, sex, things, other connections. Or you can accept that that part of you will be empty from now on. But instead of letting it eat at you, embrace how it’s changed you and learn from it. Naturally, it’s easier said than done. 

It will only get better


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