Hello love it’s been a while

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She’s on the stairs in front of the museum, you pass by and you look at yourself. Sitting alone hoping that no-one will notice but still hoping they will. The sun is long gone behind clouds existing only on your mind and its coming but you want it to stay, stay, stay behind those clouds because if it comes out then everyone will see who you really are. The light is shining too bright and you feel self-conscious about the foundation you put on in the gloomy light in your apartment, do the cracks show and will they judge me, you think. Although you know it’s not what you’re supposed to think no no I’m strong and independent and need no help but I do, you do, we do, because the emptiness that we carry inside us is real so very real and if we try to fill it with substances and shoes and phones we are doomed

but then you realise it’s too late. That person who you once were is gone and nothing nothing can bring back things to how they were and you tell yourself it’s better that way because the person you were then was unstable and we chased the cars without thinking about what we would do if we caught one

then we caught one. Look at us now.




  1. Good to see you back, Ylva.
    “Call the search off, give the sniffer dogs some water!” 🙂

    • Hi Andy, it’s good to be back. Hope you’ve been well! It must have been a year since we spoke?

      • Probably punching a year, yes. Though you did send say hi once through Maja when she was replying to one of my comments.
        Hope you are well, just seen your new post: enjoy your sisterly time together-Viking girls!

      • Thank you Andy! It was great but we had less luck with the weather, I missed the northern lights. There’s always a next time right!

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