A Friday off

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Good mooooorning! Oh how I love living in a catholic area – we have so many days off!
Yesterday there was an apéro at my uni to celebrate the 1st year’s success at creating their very own Rube Goldberg/domino-effect machine (see “This Too Shall Pass” by Ok Go) and to welcome them into the DMI community. And daaamn I have to say, they are so much better at organising apéros than we were back in the day.. Usually we’d just buy peanuts, chips and vodka without mixers. They made couscous, mozzarella sticks, salad, cakes, brownies, punch, bread.. You name it. So, cred to them! (clap clap) 😀

Afterwards (but not before receiving hate by my friends about leaving) I went to rugby training which was damn near the best training I’ve ever had. I’ve been doing crossfit one or two days a week for three weeks now and the results are absolutely stunning. I’m faster, stronger and I lost 4 cm around my waist. All while stuffing my face with (good) food every day!

When I got home two of my friends were there, we drank some wine (great post-workout snack heeeeehehe not) and then went out to join the after-apéro crowd. We didn’t go all in but it was still loads of fun, and this morning we woke up to a lovely and sunny day and we made an amaaaazing breakfast. Avocado filled with egg baked in the oven and greek yoghurt with fruits and nuts. Forget the english breakfast or big mac hype, this is the best after a night out!


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