The thing about rugby

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Rugby collage3RCL Dangels ❤

“You’re really aggressive”
Hi, I’m Ylva. Im a girl. I play rugby, I don’t like sweets, I rarely wear lipstick, I like boxing, weight training and crossfit and I want to learn how to shoot. I’m still a girl thought, I assure you. Yes, even thought I can squat heavy and catch a ball.

“Are you sure you should squat with that much weight on the bar?”
“I can see your triceps muscles, that’s kind of manly don’t you think?”
“Why don’t you learn how to paint instead of learn how to shoot?”

Oh, hi, person I don’t know. I didn’t realise that what I was doing all this time is the opposite of your idea of feminine, could you please tell me exactly how I can transform into a lovely, quiet sweet-smiling little flower? I’m longing for your approval.

Recently I’ve gotten more and more sick of comments like these. Today I heard from someone that since I play rugby I must have a destructive nature. Destructive. Let’s think about that word for a second. If you know rugby, you know that it promotes values that are the exact opposite of destructive. Ever heard of a rugby hooligan? Didn’t think so. Rugby people are some of the friendliest people I know, and playing demands true team effort and fosters creativity, empathy and control. I play because I love my team and I love the sport, not because I have a secret longing to break peoples necks. You’re telling me that playing rugby isn’t feminine enough? Well, tough shit, I guess I’m a man then.



  1. Mamma says

    Därför att du är din mors dotter❤️😘💃😄🍓👌☀️❤️

  2. You should step over the boundary lines that other people draw for you, and do whatever you love doing.
    (I liked this, by the way:’Oh, hi, person I don’t know’. Thats great 🙂 )

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