Surfing in Sri Lanka – beautiful Drivethru

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all images taken from Drivethru

At work, not bored but without motivation, looking forward to going to Switzerland this weekend and seeing everybody again. Usually I don’t think Mondays are that bad but today I’m a little sick of the cold and the rain that seem to constantly be present in this country.

I might also be a bit drifty because J and I recently booked two weeks of surfing in Sri Lanka! It’s in a place called Drivethru, a surfing resort located literally in the middle of nowhere and it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Aaand what do you do when you long for holidays? You google and google and google til your eyes pop out and you feel like you would give your right arm (not leg, I need that for surfing) to jump on a bus and go to the airport right now. As this unfortunately isn’t possible and due to lack of better ideas, I threw together a collage to dream a little instead.


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