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Hey guys! Today I woke up with a crazy headache so I had to skip my early morning spinning-pass. It’s a shame that I wasted a morning but on the other hand I gave it all in yesterday’s Transformer (basically HIIT but with more focus on strength) class.

I still have million of photos from New York so I thought I‘d tell the tale of the visit to the Google and YouTube headquarters!

I did an earlier post on food in New York where I mentioned a place called Johny’s Luncheonette. Well, when we were there we randomly started speaking to this guy next to us. We bonded a bit over the American obsession of coffee and over the fact that he was Australian and it was his first time in the Luncheonette. When asked what he does he answered that he was recently headhunted for a top position (I can’t give away the exact one) by Google all the way from Australia! So naturally I FREAK OUT and start asking a million questions about the offices (since it’s commonly known that Google has some of the coolest offices in the world) and the sleeping rooms, playing rooms, gardens, beehive-shaped cubicles, egg-shaped nap capsules. The guy sensed my enthusiasm (some girl jumping up and down by the mention of a name, who wouldn’t?) and invited us over for a private tour! By this time I was so exited I could hardly sit still. I asked some more questions and in the end we decided on the time and place.


The day arrived and we met our guy outside Chelsea Market. We were taken to the office building, given guest passes and after passing all the necessary security barriers we headed up to one of the bigger restaurants. And guys, the food is FREE! I had no idea it was like this but apparently Google provides every one of its employees with breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner if they wish. And it’s gooood food. After lunch we had a frozen yogurt and went out on the balcony, the view over New York was absolutely stunning. Then we were shown around the whole building, we saw beehives where you could nap, vast landscapes of smart and stylish cubicles, high-tech meetings rooms, gardens, a common-room designed as an alpine hut, gaming rooms and even racer tracks for the office scooters! You name it – it was there!

some of the decor inside the offices..

the view from the top of the Google building!

more view



YouTube! ph’s by either me or Maja

Afterwards the guy had some time left and decoded to also quickly take us to the YouTube offices in the building vis-á-vis. We only saw the lobby and some offices but it was also really cool! The walls of the lobby were continuously flashing with live updates from YouTube and the desk of the receptionist looked like something out of a Futurama-movie. Everything was fast-paced and sleek, just like you would imagine it, but at the same time strangely down to earth. Eventually our guide had to go to a meeting so we said our last thank-you and was left inside the Chelsea Market, still numb from all of the impressions we’d had.

This is exactly why I like speaking to strangers. If my sister and I would have been stuck-up bitches and ignored the friendly Aussie at the bar, had we have had this experience? NO. Lesson of the day my friends: don’t be afraid to get to know new people and don’t be afraid to make random plans.


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