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The second hand bomber-style jeans jacket is a new personal favourite of mine! ❤ It’s perfect for the summer – wear it over a tulle or silk dress and get some exiting contrasts in your outfit that works both when getting some cocktails in that chic bar down the street and at a picnic in the park. I also like to layer it, below I used it as a casually-strolling-the-streets-of-new-york outfit over a basic grey t-shirt, jeans and sneakers and it was perfect. Wrap a scarf around your shoulders and you’re good to face the temperamentful New York spring weather!


Sweden is cold and rainy but damn its cozy to sit inside and listen to the weather. Thursday looks like we’ll get some sun and let’s HOPE for that since my mum and I are planning to go sailing. 😀

See you later! xx




    • Thank you! By the way Andy, did you see the Strawberry Fields photo we took for you? Maja has it on her blog!

      • No! I thought you had forgotten, and was considering hiring an international hitman to take you out 🙂 (Couldn’t afford him though, I was having to resort to just posting angry faces on your posts.) Thank you-will head over there now.

      • Of course I didn’t forget! How could you think of me that way? (crying in the corner)

      • Nah I had faith in you. Just didn’t like admitting it 🙂

      • Thanks. Putting Lennon on now in anticipation. (Wife rolls her eyes:not him again!)

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