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The different buildings and areas in New York are pretty and all, but WHAT ABOUT THE FOOD? Before we left I searched and searched after good bars/restaurants/cafes/places but all I found were the generic places, and well, I wanted something.. LOCAL. When my sister and I were there we spent most of our money on food and drinks so allow me to give you some tips!


Let’s just face it, pancakes are a no-brainer, you just HAVE to have some when you’re in New York. Good Enough to Eat on Upper West side is an american-style restaurant specialising in the “dine at grandmas house” – feeling. It’s comfy, serves seasonal food and has amazing breakfasts!


This one, the Lumber Jack, is for when you’re really hungry (or hmm.. hungover), you get two pancakes with strawberry butter on the side, two massive slices of bacon and scrambled eggs. I had no idea it was so massive so I also asked them to add some banana and walnuts. Amazing!


These are the normal pancakes, also served with strawberry butter on the side. You get three massive ones and if you order coffee the refills are free!


Johny’s Luncheonette is another place with great food. It’s basically a hole in the wall, my sister and I actually walked past it when we were looking for the place EVEN THOUGH we saw the sign. It’s probably the coolest places I’ve been to for breakfast and if you’re looking for the “real” NYC experience this is where you should go! There’s 2 or 3 tiny tables and a bar with ca 10 seats and the kitchen right behind it. The food is cooked in front of you and it contributes to the 1980’s american diner experience.


Above you can see their Greek pita (great if you’re not into sweet breakfasts) and their blueberry and banana pancakes are the best I’ve ever had!


Bagels for breakfast, bagels for lunch, snack-bagles and bagels as drunken-on-the-way-home-food. BAGELS ALL THE WAY.
.. Ok so if you didn’t already realise I’m crazy about NYC bagels. The classic cream cheese is great but my favourite is the so called “lox” – cream cheese MIXED with smoked salmon. Mmmmmm… (isn’t is lunch time soon?)



Feel like some cheap, great and greasy street food?
Step 1: go outside. Step 2: locate a street stand with asian food (there’s almost one on every corner). Step 3: order the vegetable dumplings. Step 4: have a mouth-gasm and die on the spot.



The lobster roll is one of the more expensive choices for the street-takeaway-food-style. This ons is from Luke’s Lobster in Plaza’s food hall on Upper West. You have to pay 15 dollars for this goodness which is quite expensive, but for a one-time-lunch it’s SO worth it.



Left: red velvet cupcake with cream cheese topping from a mysterious unknown cafe in The Village.

Right: red velvet cupcake-icecream-sandwich with cream cheese filling from a stand at the High Line park. A MUST-HAVE. You like cupcakes? Desserts? Chocolate? Sandwiches? Ice cream? This is all in one.



A great option for take-away will always be Wholefoods salad bar, especially if it’s sunny and you can sit down in a park somewhere! Like the lobster roll it’s more on the expensive side of a take-away lunch but its also very, very good. Some personal favourites include the mint/wasabi marinated tofu, the falafel and the marinated kale.



The cheeesecake above is also from Wholefoods. If you’ve had the salad before I suggest to go with the smaller size because its quite heavy! They also have blueberry, oreo or vanilla flavours.


If you want to have a well-deserved break with some celebrity watching after strolling around the High Line, there no better place than Café Gitane. Try their chili-avocado toast and their blue cheese with walnuts and honey for a truly amazing culinary experience! Their un-sweetened lemonade is not bad either..



Of all of the food markets New York has to offer, Eataly is probably one of the most exiting ones. It specialises in gourmet Italian cuisine and has a wide variety of vegetables, meat, cheese, pasta, oil, wine.. The list goes on. Because of it’s downtown location right off the 5th Avenue is convenient for shoppers and it’s close to famous buildings like the Flatiron so there’s lots around to see.

all types of meat, mushrooms, vegetables and fruit you can imagen..

..most of it organic!


HOW GOOD is a slice of pizza when you’re on the way home from an evening in smoky jazzbars and fancy hotel rooftops? Stop, don’t answer, that was a rhetorical question. Everyone knows it’s the best. Maybe it doesn’t quite show in the picture but this slice is MASSIVE. You basically get them all over the place and they. are. amazing. They are cheap with a usual price of 1-5 dollars.



Of course we had to get burgers in New York. And of course we had to get them with curly fries. And.. OF COURSE we had to get them with margaritas (Hello? Margarita Monday? Genius). These babies are from Flight 151, an aeroplane-themed bar/restaurant in Chelsea. The burgers were great but it was A LOT of food and we had tight cocktail-outfits on, so if you’re planning to go somewhere to look fabulous, I recommend not being in a rush anywhere in order to let your system process the yummyness.



Finally, the most important topic – where can you find kick-ass cocktails?? The margaritas we had at Flight 151 were good but not amazing. However, lucky for you we found t-h-e b-e-s-t margaritas in New York, NO exaggeration. Where? Underneath the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side there’s a restaurant hidden in the wall called Cowgirl Seahorse with an odd but charming cowboy&pirate theme. Food: (looks) great, Margaritas: AMAZING. Worth finding.



The concept of having a Manhattan on Manhattan started to interest me ever since I booked the New York flights, and after a few weeks it turned into an obsession to find the BEST Manhattan on Manhattan. I managed to try a few different ones, and I the best by FAR was from Ed’s Chowder House in the Empire Hotel. DAY-UM I could have had 10 of those (well, not really but you know what I mean). Next time I’ll update you on my little project.

the amazing Manhattan and a Thyme-vodka-lemon, Ed’s Chowder House – yum!
ph cred either me or Maja ❤

So there you have it people. I hope you enjoyed this and I hope it was helpful for y’all traveling to New York soon! I’m already planning my next research-trip so I’ll be updating the list soon.

See you latero! xxx ❤


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