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Like an oasis in the city, Greenwich Village is undoubtedly the friendliest and most picturesque part of Manhattan. Cherry trees grow everywhere and the buildings are never taller than 10 stories high, frankly it feels like being somewhere in a London suburb!


We found this sign outside a restaurant slash jazzbar slash cafe slash gallery and it SPOKE TO ME. Like, directly into my soul. Thank god coffee is free at my new job! Can I stay derr forever plzz?


Of course we also had to stop to pose for some pictures! (See? Even on vacation I think of making you guys happy!!) But it was pretty cold so we soon kept strolling.


The Village is so different to the areas around Central park and Empire State that you forget you’re actually in New York. Its definitely worth taking your time strolling around the area and exploring because they have some of the most amazing stores hidden away among the brick walls.



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