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New York New York, where should I begin? I guess first of all: WE’RE HERE!! After months of waiting we finally touched down in the big apple on Tuesday and after the usual near-an-hour wait for immigration we were freeee! 


Top of the Rock(efeller Center) with amazing views over the whole of Manhattan. Tip! If you are going to New York do this one early, because it really helps when you try to orient yourself afterwards. 


One thing on my to-do list: having a Manhattan on Manhattan. Schweeeet! Here at Ed’s Chowder House/the Empire Hotel. SO YUM. 


Sunset in the financial district, here seen from the elevated bar at W Hotel! 


Oh and I almost forgot.. THE FOOD. H-o-l-y moly it’s brilliant. This was yesterday’s breakfast/brunch at Good Enough To Eat on west 85th – scrambled eggs, bacon and walnut pancakes with banana, strawberry butter and maple syrup. I want to say best in New York but honestly yesterday was the first time we had pancakes so there might be even better ones out there. HOWEVER it’s definitely one of the better breakfast joints! 

We also went to Central Park, ate some (amazing) bagels, got our nails done, went to the museum of natural history, and just generally walked around! Two days ago we magically found ourselves on Times Square and the same was for Wall Street yesterday, something that really wouldn’t have happened if we would keep to the metro.

So my loves! I’ll post more in a while, I didn’t bring my laptop because I needed space for about a gallon of Redken hair products instead so updating is a little bit of a pain with picture quality and so on. 

Speak soooooon! Xxx



  1. I am heading to NYC in two weeks, after living there for a decade, visits back are so precious… don’t forget the highline on the west side, and Chelsea….

  2. How iconic is that Manhattan shot?
    Don’t forget my Strawberry Fields photo! 🙂

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