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Good morning dearies!

I’m sorry I haven’t been around much lately, the last few weeks have been strange with injuries, school, work and training. It’s only 13 days til I move to Sweden and aaaaall my attention and energy has basically one into planning, packing this and that, finding someone to move in to my room, throwing out clothes and so on.

I’m usually the worst packer of all times, I can EASILY bring a 20 kilo bag to a long weekend and be fully convinced that I need every single one of the items inside, but this time that won’t fly. I’ll be away from home for 5 months and I have 23 kilos plus hand luggage to fit in everything I need. That’s a big deal for me, partly because it’s Sweden which means you have to plan for every little weather-related contingency possible. As you may remember it was 30+ C up there for a good portion of last summer but trust me, that’s not normal. The Swedes identify “swedish summer weather” when it’s windy, raining and around 18+.

All this means that I have to bring winter AND summer clothes. The second part of it all is that, since money doesn’t grow in my backyard, I wont be able to buy everything I couldn’t fit once I’m there (plus, Sweden is not a, whatcha call it, CHEAP place). So, the process the last few days has gone something like this: 


Feel free to use it! It’s helped me a lot, I think I’ve cleaned out more than 50% of my closet (no Eminem-pun intended). Of course, when I say “bin” it mostly goes to second hand places or the salvation army.

Something I WONT throw away is this coat: Oh hello beautiful. 

IMG_0614 copy

It’s from an Italian brand called Milano-something and made out of virgin wool. My dad and I were out walking in town a few months ago and suddenly this new Italian boutique popped up in front of us. This led to that and we came out with two bags full. Definitely going there again!

IMG_0622 copy

I’m also planning outfits for New York and THIS is one of them. I’m basically going to live in my New Balance’s and that’s soooo okey for me (and my feet will thank me!). For the last year I haven’t really been into heels at all anyway. Perhaps it’s because of the ever-lasting sneaker trend and the fact that the weather has been hmm, not heel-friendly for the longest time. BUT as I say, I aint got no problem with that (insert smug smiley here).




  1. Interesting flow chart. I have a similar one, which is basically Holes In It?= Bin It. 🙂

      • I have one more: No Longer Fits Because You Are No-Longer Young Snake Hips Boy?= Bin It. (I have hardly anything left. Damn you time and chocolate, damn you.) 🙂

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