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Snapshots from today – pre workout coffee, grill at the lake, instagramming a creation of banana pancakes and an evil swan lurking behind a rock. All in all the most chilled day in a loong time.

So I did this new workout in the morning. It’s a forrest parcour just off a local running track with bars, rings and other stations with exercises designed to improve your strength, flexibility and coordination. There are only fifteen stations and the parcour is quite short but it’s intense and perfect if you don’t have too much time to spare! Of course you can also go throught it twice (next time, next time).

Afterwards F and L crashed my place and we made banana pancakes! Aaa I swear they were some of the best ones I’ve ever had, then we met up with some more people and biked to the lake to grill and and play some football. We met an evil swan (above) and came to the realization that they poop like MONSTERS (you’re welcome) after seeing some sections of the beach. Yummy. 

And to top off the best day ever I had a great rugby training, but which unfortunately didn’t end as well as I had hoped as I dislocated my shoulder. So right now I’m sitting on my couch with ice and a tied up arm but at least it’s not broken! The pain doesn’t bother me as much as the injury itself, I wanted to go back to the parcour tomorrow morning but now I CANT. Hmpf. Let’s hope it’s nothing serious. 

Sleep well dear readers! xx


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