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Design / Fashion

/ hat BARTS / coat from Italy / shades H&M 

Hello my dear readers, how are you this beautiful morning??

In Lucerne it’s still spring with sun, smiling people and flowers popping up eeeverywhere! This brings me to this post, it’s simply a reflection of my mood at the moment – bright, happy, easy and colourful! The flower wall is located in Zürich close to Bahnhofstrasse, why not go check it out if you’re there.

Of course even though I’m in a grrrreat mood there are still some small annoyances in my life.. But you know what I’ve already spent energy hating on those so LETS NOT do anymore of that. Have you ever heard of the theory that if you think negative thought then negative things will happen? It goes the other way as well, which is why I try to avoid those omg-why-did-I-do-that-ten-years-ago etc etc, it accomplishes absolutely nothing else than bringing you down.

Got it? Got it? GOT IT? Gooooooood.

SO ANYWAY now it’s time for uni, see you lateeer! 😀


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