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Good morning dear readers!

Yesterday, the whole class had been invited to come to look at what happens behind the curtains at the headquarters of the company Freitag. We were supposed to meet one of the brothers at 1 30 so my group for service design and I took the opportunity to check out a shop that’s been tackling over-production of food, the shop Äss-Bar. (“Eat-able”)

It’s an charming “bakery” that takes unsold bread, cakes, croissants, sandwiches and all types of items off the hands of other bakeries in the evening, items that would otherwise be thrown away, and sell them at their shop the next day! The items are student and family-friendly as they are much cheaper but with the same quality. Their slogan is “Frisch von Gestern” (Fresh from Yesterday) and honestly you couldn’t tell that the items were not completely fresh baked (when you buy bread, do you ever eat it all on the same day anyway?). We spoke to a lovely lady who explained the story behind everything and then gave us a couple of Berliners! Yummy.

The trip to Freitag was also very interesting and it surprised me how involved the brothers were in the whole system. Even though the company was founded by the two brothers neither of them are CEO’s as they wanted to stick to what they know best, to create.

You got the feeling that it’s not just any other company that’s trying to get the most return of investment. They seem to really believe in their values and care about the customers, an approach I believe more companies today should put more emphasis on! Also, every bag is hand-washed, hand-cut and hand-sewn by the people working at Freitag. This is, if you know the fashion industry, not that common.

My lovely group plus Nadiya who was taking the pictures ❤ ) 

I finished off the day with a KICK-ASS rugby training (the first game is coming up SOON) and a post-training drink.

Plan for today is quite easy – uni, study, gym and then dinner with J. Maaaaaaarvellous.



  1. Wow! Now, I wish I was in your city 🙂
    Nice pictures…and the flow to the post was quite easy and breezy to catch.

    I think this is inspiring a short story in my mind somewhere… 🙂

    I think I should catch up on your blog a bit more. And rugby? You?
    Hmmm… Oh well 🙂

      • Hmmm… wondering how that would look…you playing. Someday you should consider doing a post on you playing. I am sure I would want to read that.

        I wish 🙂
        It’s more like soccer over here… and even that, is occasional these days. Life and nerdy issues 🙂

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