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australialoveph Tumblr, collage by me

Torquay, Sydney, Australia. My heart aches for this place.

I have so many memories from there. Some good and some bad, but I suppose it is like that with every period of your life. The time I spend there shaped me as the person I am today, I faced difficulties every day but I also had the best of times and it pains me that I haven’t been able to go back.

The first time I felt truly connected with the place I was born was here, on the shores of Jan Juc. I remember it precisely, I was standing at the edge of the water and the tide was coming in, crashing at my feet, the chilly wind was grabbing hold of me and it seemed like I was one both the ocean and the clouds rushing high and white over my head.

You know, some say that because I don’t have any Australian blood in my veins I can’t possibly see myself Australia as a home. I disagree, we are all from the earth and will one day return, and where you feel most at home is the place, or places, you can also call home. You just gotta figure out where (or what) that place is.


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