SNAPSHOTS 26.02.15

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I’m going to start off by saying that I have no excuse for my absence these last few days. I suppose sometimes I just don’t feel like writing anything and that’s okay, it’s the same with the work, the gym or school – sometimes a break can do you good. 🙂 I’ve missed you guys though!

So jaaaaa let’s get on with the post.

These are pictures from yesterday!
For the last three days it’s been Fasnacht (carnival) in Basel, it’s much like the Fasnacht in Lucerne but way waaaay bigger. The party starts at 4 in the morning on the Monday and doesn’t end until the very last person in the city has hit the sheets on wednesday – or rather THURSDAY – morning.


Confetti flying around EVERYWHERE! Just something normal (“normal”) the swissies do!


The “waggis” giving, i.e. throwing, out little gifts. My treasures include a bar of chocolate, two lollipops, a banana, some fudge, an orange and two yellow onions. Yes onions, I also saw a guy with a gigantic BEETROOT sticking out of his pocket!

Like whaaaat yes I have no idea why so don’t ask me. 😉


PSX_20150225_174837More gifts and of course some candy and the obligatory bratwurst-stop. 😀 I had to content myself with roasted chestnuts but they were still delicious!

I didn’t stay long in town because I was still a little ill from the cold I had gotten over the weekend so after a few hours I headed home, grabbed my skis and went back to Lucerne.

I realise I can’t call this post “Snapshots 25.02.15″ only with images from yesterday so here’s one of me and Lara being silly at Fizzen from earlier today! We went around town exploring new shops, had tea and enjoyed the sunlight. A perfect afternoon!


What do you think about this dress? Yey or nei? 

Allright so you’ll have to forgive me but I HAVE TO sleep. I came home form rugby a while ago and my body is d-e-a-d and heyy I need to be fit for the weekend because I’m going skiing with some friends from uni! Wiie so exiting.



  1. I did report you as a missing person to my local police authority here in Manchester. When they asked where you was last seen, I replied “In Switzerland…or Sweden…possibly it could have been in Greece..” They threw me out.

    • Haha! I can actually see this happening, “HELLO MY BLOG FRIEND IS MISSING FROM THE INTERNET!!” … “Eeeh… Right.”

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