Swiss Carnival

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People running around with huge masks and onesies, playing music, eating grilled worms, stuffing anyone who walks by with confetti and throwing onions at each other. Yep, it’s SWISS CARNIVAL!

Oh my lord it was so b-u-s-y at work yesterday. I think I got home at hrrrrm 4 o’clock in the morning or something like that? But it was still so much fun! Basically what happens is everyone age 0-100 dresses up and goes on the streets and just.. parties! I love the energy, everyone is happy and cheerful and even though the whole city is out drinking there’s rarely anyone fighting. Imagine this in Sweden or England, the cities would have to recruit police from all over Europe hahaa.

Maybe one should learn from the Swiss, instead of spreading negativity and aggressiveness, smile and answer with kindness and love.
…Ok that sounded a bit cheesy aaah I’m sorry – maybe I feel a little LOVVIN’ because it’s valentines day tomorrow! 😀


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