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central park
ph pinterest, collage by me


I’m in in my bed drinking coffee and planning for New York. I’m soooo exited because there is so much to DO! Some things are given, like going for a run in Central Park, visiting the Museum of Natural History and the Empire state building and going to a broadway show.

What else?? Well there’s like 109548728574 other things to do but there’s so much to choose from that I have actually n-o idea. (HELP PLEASE??)

I’m also a little nervous since it’s my first time travelling alone (like, ALONE alone) and not with someone/having someone to meet up with/having been in the place before. But as I said, I’m super exited! Seriously, if you have any tips on where to go etcetera, please pretty please let me know!



  1. I’ve never been to New York, but I want to. Since my early teens I’ve been a big John Lennon fan, and there is a memorial to him in Central Park called Strawberry Fields. If you should see it, take a photo with me in mind, yes? 🙂 I think the Dakota where he lived, and outside of which he was shot, overlooks the park. But I’m sure you’re more interested in happier things! And yes-I think you’re brave. I know a couple of people who have been over there-is there anything in particular you are interested in?

    • I remember seeing the area on a central park map I looked at a few days ago, and I was wondering if it had something to do with the beatles. Of course I’ll take a photo for you!
      I have to do some more research to know exactly what I want to do but mainly I want to see the city from the perspective of a local!

      • The local perspective is always good. The same as walking through a place rather than driving-it’s the only way to get a sense of the place (just stay safe!). I have asked a friend for suggestions for you. And thanks for the photograph-don’t forget to put me a message in the shot 🙂

  2. I would find a good place to eat a bagel. NYC is famous for its bagels. 🙂

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