Don’t worry be happy

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ph Maja

When I woke up today I felt a little meh. You know, back in Switzerland, back to reality type of feeling. Then I looked at all the photos from Athens and I felt even more meh because I wanted to stay there! Basically I was bringing myself down.

But you know what, then I looked at all the photos again and I realised that I should’n be sad it’s over, I should be HAPPY it HAPPENED. 

I think too many of us (me included) live too much for the dream of escaping every-day life but you know what sugar? Face the reality, because if you can’t be happy where you are then you need to do one of two things: change WHAT YOU DO or change your ATTITUDE.

Since I actually have a damn good life studying something I like, I have a bright future and family and friends who loves me I decided to change my attitude. Instead of feeling sorry for myself because my holidays are over and I have to go to work soon I decided (yes you can do that) to be GRATEFUL that I have a job and look forward to going to work!
Because hello let’s be real – it’s what allows me to go on holiday.

“Because if you don’t go home you can’t come back, and that would be a shame” – Pippi Longstocking ❤  


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