First day in Athens

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HELLO from Athens!

Omg is this the most awesome city ever?? OK, first all, everyone is smiling at you. That just doesn’t happen in Switzerland or in Sweden (because they’d probably lock you away in a tower by cause of insanity), and it drives me n-u-t-s. Secondly, the atmosphere is just great. It’s energetic, fast, friendly and down-to-earth.

Heading in to the city from the airport we took the metro, and this was at 3 30-ish and the traffic had started to pick up. If you’ve ever been on the tube in London during rush-hour you know how happy people are when you come dragging a big suitcase across the platforms – answer: not so happy at all, I once got smacked in the back of the head by a woman for standing in her way but that’s another story. Anyway, when walking up from the metro I was  struggling with carrying my luggage up the stairs (while obviously holding up the flow of people) and instead of getting annoyed at me, a random girl walking beside me turns around, smiles, and asks if I need help with the bag. AH.


After getting settled in in our a-w-e-s-o-m-e flat we headed out to explore the neighbourhood and find some food. While strolling around we found some really cool alleys and streets we just had to photograph. I don’t know what the city of Athens take on graffiti is, but damn the people here paint and they are good at it. And the trees!! There are rows after rows with clementine trees everywhere you look, I’ve never seen anything like it. I wanted to pick one and eat but it seems nobody else is doing it (why??? someone please tell me!) so there might be a reason.


After a while of walking we realised how hungry we were and decided to head back to a restaurant we had seen on our street heading out. You know I consider myself a well-traveled person and I’ve had my share of great Greek food in various restaurants around the world, but damn, d-a-y-u-m-m Greek food – the real Greek food IN GREECE – not comparable to anything I’ve ever had before.

DSC_1144editDSC_1132editThis restaurant, Seychelles, served hands down one of the best meals of my life. Eggplant spread on home-made pita, beetroot salad with garlic paste, smoked tuna and swordfish with red onion, green pea paste and meatballs with creamy yoghurt sauce. Everything served with home made bread and olive oil from the region. AMAZEBALLZ.

Afterwards I was still awake but my to fellow travellers were not as they had a longer flight and had to get up earlier than me, so we headed home for an early night. The only problem with that is that while they are sleeping sweetly I woke up after four hours, and now I’m sitting here at 3 in the morning watching Breaking Bad. Though, I suppose things could be worse. 😉


Tomorrow (today): go see the Acropolis and the temple of Zeus. Iiihh I’m so exited.



  1. I love your energy and enthusiasm! Wonderful photos as well. Thank you for visiting my blog I look fwd to hearing more about your Greek adventures. Jules

  2. I may be showing my age here, but if you didn’t know, it’s a very old song.

  3. Oh my darling. Oh my darling. Oh my darling, clementine. Pick one! 🙂

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