Train for you, not for them

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So I’ve decided to increase my workout sessions. During the last year or so I have had a lot of ups-and-downs when it comes to fitness, mainly because of injuries and illness. As we all know its rather difficult to get back into a workout routine when you’ve been out for a month or two and it frustrates me so much to realise that as soon as I get back in the gym I’ve lost all I worked for before. I guess my reasoning here is that if I’m fitter when (knock on wood) I get injured it will heal quicker and I will get back to where I was a lot faster. It’s a sort of long-term approach to something I have previously just done by the seasons. You know the drill – January to June and September to November you work out as a maniac and in-between it’s either Christmas or summer which means drinking, eating and relaxing.

This is in my opinion an acceptable but not sustainable way of approaching fitness. It also goes hand-in-hand with the fitness trend that has been going on for the last few years, people have started to work out more, (which is good!) however many work out just to look good and this may cause them to train in a way that can lead to problems later in life. Just today I spoke with one of the trainers at my gym and she firmly believes that if you don’t like what you do when you work out you’ll not only train with a higher risk of injury (mainly because you’ll not bother with the finer details of the moves) but also get bored quickly. See what I mean? Not very sustainable.


But then comes the question of what to do to feel good at the gym/on the track or field etc. What’s “your” activity? I tend to spend quite a lot of time in the gym and I have noticed that there is an ongoing problem that new gym-goers face, as soon as they have signed the contract they start to feel guilty. Not because of the money but because they feel that the fitter people around will start to judge their training habits. Let me tell you something, n-o-b-o-d-y is judging you! It doesn’t matter if you’re not flaunting the latest Nikes or a designer water bottle, nobody cares. If fact, most people I know are impressed when they see a person that they notice is new to the gym – Go you!! Get in there and lift those fucking weights and achieve your goals! We are all behind you! Remember: everyone who’s at the gym has been new at some point, for example I’ve made an ass out of myself getting my towel caught in the treadmill and thinking a “squat” is a vegetable. Do you think people judged me? Of course not, they knew I was new and patiently told showed me how to do a squat properly.

(However! If you find yourself in a situation where someone IS actually judging you tell them in a loud voice that their balls are hanging out/their thong is showing and walk away like a boss)

Peace! ❤



  1. Hi! Thanks for liking my most recent post! I love your article here as it speaks directly to a lot of the problems that my clients face. I am starting a lifestyle consulting business for those who want to change something, anything about their lifestyle. As an occupational therapist, I constantly find myself reminding people to take baby steps. The smaller the goal, the higher potential for success. So instead of going to the gym for the first time again in a few months and thinking, “I need to squat 100 pounds,” start with, “I want to squat 20 pounds.” Squat the 20, and if it’s too easy, you can grade your goal up to the next level at 30 pounds, maybe. You’ll find yourself feeling happier and more motivated to continue going to the gym. I also love your focus on doing things for yourself and not comparing to others at the gym. You’re also right about a higher risk of injury for those who do not even like their workouts and for those who are not educated on safety within their workouts. I used to want to be a runner, but I have tried for 5 years now, and I still hate it. I recently pushed myself and ran 2 mi (only 2!), and ended up with a little labral tear! So I’ve decided to go back to swimming, and I absolutely love it! Anyway, happy goal-setting and gym-ing!!

    • Aah thank you! Yes exactly, too many times people set grand goals that are simply not realistic and then what happens? Failure. And then you’re discouraged and have to start over.

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