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Good morning from Verbier, Switzerland! ❤ This is my view at the moment, not bad eh?
A recap from yesterday: great skiing in the sun, amazing (and I mean amazing!) off-piste, playing around on the race tracks, jumping in the snowpark and the best glüwein (mulled wine/vin chaud) I've ever had. Tip: for lunch and the best hot chocolate in Verbier go to Chez Dani, on the route from Les Rouinettes down to Medran. Their terrace have a breathtaking view and their food (especially the desserts) to die for.


A picture from La Chaux, 2260 m.


.. and the other side.


Prepping for the slope!

Taking the train here from the German parts of Switzerland is easier than you expect. The connections run quite often and Snow n’ Rail makes for very good offers for both the train and ski passes. Also, the view from the train is breathtaking. This is the view over Lake Geneva you get before you arrive in Lausanne:


Ah Switzerland..

All right that’s it for now! So sorry but I have to leave you because it’s time to change into my gear.
❤ ❤ ❤



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