Layering nordic style

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Here I decided to give myself some colour. Ylva the Photoshop artist, tis my name!


boots DR. MARTENS/dress ZARA/sweater WEEKDAY/parka MONKI/sunglasses ASOS/ph Lara

I think a winter without proper layering would be my last winter because I would die of boredom. Seriously, I ❤ layering. Especially blending black/grey and different materials, the possibilities are absolutely endless and you keep warm at the same time, what’s there not to like?

You know what guapos, today was my LAST DAY OF EXAMS. Freedom! (for a while anyway). Even thought the exam period was only three weeks I feel like it’s been going on forever and ever. Einsten’s theory of relativity in action.
I’m going to celebrate this new found freedom by a trip to Verbier for this seasons first skiing! You’d think that if you live so close to the alps you’d go every weekend but this year sadly no, but I suppose you have to sort out your priorities. However, skiing and exams are pretty close. I leave 6am tomorrow morning which is SO EARLY but I had a four-and-a-half-hour nap after the last exam today so I hope I’ll still be little miss sunshine.

See you latero!



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