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Lately I feel like my life has been revolving around three things: coffee, working out and studying. I have to be honest though, it’s not too bad. The last half a year, or actually since we all started school in September, I’ve has been dealing with a lot of projects here and there, working weird hours and having the sleeping pattern of a teenager (i.e. napping all the time and everywhere) so now the routine is not too bad. I suppose human beings are creatures of habit, wether we like to admit it or not.

However! Sometimes it’s good to break the habits of every day life and do something fun and silly. I like to book some sort of a holiday when I feel like enough is enough but unfortunately I’m a student and a girl with a taste for champagne on a beer budget. But aaaaah it’s so tempting right now with the swiss franc being crazy crazy high, it’s almost 1:1 with the Euro and THAT my friends make for some shopping trips to France and Germany. “And a flight to Bali? Malaga?” “No Ylva stop it now!” tihi.

I suppose I have to endure to only go on four trips within the next six months – Verbier with my father and his S.O, Athens with my mum and sister, Belgium to play rugby with the girls and New York by myself. Oh and Sweden but that doesn’t count.

Travel while you can people!!
❤ ❤ ❤  



    • Jajaa bild hit och bild dit du tar ju typ exakt samma bild på din mugg haha 😉
      förhoppningsvis inte! När vet du dååå

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