Prohibited pubic hair

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ph: Stick and Stones/tumblr, collage by me

So hi everyone. I’m not really the one to rant about things but today I just couldn’t help myself.

Yet another example of the unfair sexist view of women’s bodies is today provided by Instagram! Apparently a glimpse of pubic hair is enough to shut down the model agency Sticks and Stones’ account. No wait! It’s all okay because 10,645,815 (number of images tagged #bikini on Instagram) is ok but one with an untrimmed line is an outrage. Basically what’s being said is “we like naked ladies but only if they follow the modern standards of how society think they should look”. Fuck. Off.

Anyway, back to studying (read: procrastinating). ❤ ❤ ❤




  1. LloydRosen says

    I agree, it is lame. But instagram has to draw a line in the sand somewhere. There really isnt any fairness when it comes to free websites that we are allowed to post according to their rules.

    • The issue isn’t that the hair was showing. It’s the fact that if we look at pictures of men with pubic hair showing is’t ok (look at many of the Calvin Klein commercials), but when there are women in the picture all of a sudden it’s offensive and an account has to be shot down. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

      • LloydRosen says

        I see your point. Its not a level playing field, but i guess since it is a free site, they have a right to make the rules. And of course we can choose not to use it.

  2. Well your post title certainly caught the eye. And from your images what came to mind was McDonald’s Happy Meal. But yes, I go along with what you say.

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