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So today I have found new and previously unexplored ways of procrastinating! It went so well that I decided to compose a list for all of you so that you have an emergency list of “ways to procrastinate” to access in your darkest hours.

Number 1: clean the whole flat, PLUS the windows.
Number 2: back up the computer.
Number 3: clean out the phone gallery.
Number 4: re-arrange your room (for better Qi).
Number 5: make lists on how to procrastinate.
Number 6: study something very un-important and easy so you can avoid studying the difficult stuff.

Of course there are the normal ones: blogging, napping, working out (see below for gym-selfie of the day), clean your room, go grocery shopping, do the laundry etc, but since I’ve been doing those for a little over a week now I felt like I needed a change in my, at the moment, very exiting life.


Well, I better get some shit done. See you later!
xx, Ylva


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  1. i too did some superb procrastinating today too – reading blogs was one of my methods, I also stripped and cleaned all my high shelves in the kitchen, sorted out my jars and pots of staples, watched some rubbish for “research” , made “proper” hot chocolate a sloooooow process roasting nuts and melting chocolate, painted my nails, and it continues as i type this… thanks for sharing your ways… I am off now to study something unimportant and easy 😉 x

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