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In Basel getting my study mode on! I’m finally feeling kind-of-not-really healthy again after my flu attack and since today is such a NICE day (its seriously 17 degrees at the moment) AND I’m off work because of my exam I couldn’t pass it up. So I hopped on the train, watched the mountains fly by for an hour and then arrived in my beautiful Basel.


Changing the location when I study at is extremely effective for me, I seriously don’t get why people INSIST on just staying home and staring at their screen for 2834934093472 hours in a row. I love the sounds of people around me, cups clinking, trams driving by, just the sound of LIFE. Who the hell would prefer sitting at home rotting away? Not me anyway. Inspiration comes from all around us, from people and places, from the air, the season, the sea and the mountains. Yeah sure you want to get good grades and sometimes it can be scary to break study habits, but listen dollface – many of us study for a long period of our lives and many of us are damn miserable during this time. Do you really want to be one of them? Noo! Be happy instead and experience things during this time and don’t have a panic attack when you get a B rather than an A because in the end if you’re not happy then your life will suck.
(Granted, if getting an A gives you all the pleasure in life then by all means – go for it!)

Now: get a drink, study some more, then terrorise my favourite Swede while she works ❤

People: Love more, live more, don’t worry be happy.

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