They must be crazy – Monday

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Is it just me or has as anyone else written 2014 on every sheet so far in the new year? #hashtagretarded 


Hi guys! How are you? 2015 is finally here with fresh perspectives and opportunities! Or I don’t know – it’s up to you, will it be the same or a better version than last year?

Personally I don’t believe in yew years resolutions (if you want to do something just do it), however I do believe in fresh starts and reevaluating your life over the year-shift.
My list consists of:
Staying more positive, travel more, don’t waste time and energy on things/persons bringing you down, work out more, say yes to opportunities and stop making excuses for things.


Speaking of, I’m off to the gym now! Have worked since the start of the year and had my first day back in school today so I think I need to lift something and listen to Swedish music.


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