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Welcome to Gothenburg, a city by the sea made of red brick and copper, where the sun sets at three but the people are happy. Welcome home!



Have I missed this city or what?? You won’t find another place on earth like this, where every single girl owns a pair of white high-top converse and skinny black jeans sell out faster than a fat kid can eat a happy meal. Where the standard drunken late-night meal is sausage topped with mashed potatoes and cold shellfish-mayonnaise-dill stew (skagenröra), where people spend more money on different pieces of black clothing than on food and where the city literally have to re-build some old houses because some people STEAL pieces if it. Ah, baby I’m home.


Today: shopping shopping and more shopping and then dinner at one of the restaurants inside Liseberg. I’m on the lookout for a Polaroid camera and a long camel-wool coat, if anyone have some insider tips do share! But before I set out on the town I have to finish my coffee. My lovely Swiss boyfriend called Swedish coffee “piss” yesterday. Guess who’s not getting breakfast this morning? Hahahaa! (evil face)



  1. Ylva, I’ve tagged you! See my post The Christmas Tag. There is no obligation though, as I don’t normally do these. To show I have no favourites, I’ve tagged your sister too 🙂

  2. Polaroidkamera: Haga!! Kappa: kolla Karen Millen uppe på dam-NK dom har en assnygg. Fast dyr hehe. Puss puss mer bilder! ❤

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