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Life right now: stressy, messy and FREEZING. I finally figured out why my room was so cold, it apparently took me a week to realise that the WINDOW WAS OPEN ahahaha fuck my life.

OK the reason I’m being weird is that there’s one sleep and one day left of this semester and my brain is absolute musssssh but it’s okay because on Sunday I’m GOING TO SWEDEN. Home home home home. I never thought I would be nationalistic or something like that but hey girl (or boy), move out of your country and see what that does to you. All of a sudden everything, and I mean evvvverything, that reminds you of your country becomes holy, I’m talking about food, the weather, fashion, colours, sports (oh, don’t even get me started on sports..) and last but not least – candy. And not the normal stuff, no no, the weird stuff you don’t even really like but you eat it just because it’s SO (in my case) SWEDISH. Scandi power.

Ok stop now Ylva this is getting weird.

Now I’m going to go to the gym to get this energy out. What do you say about 50 min cycling and 30 min running? I say hell yeah. Love you guys, see you soon! Here’s a little smile from me to you. Mmmmwah! ❤


ph Maja



  1. So you are flying to Sweden and Maja is flying to Switzerland? I can picture you both waving to each other as you pass in mid-air.

    • Yes its lucky we won’t miss each other! We only get a day and a half together but at least it’s something 🙂

    • I also love the fact that we are feeling the exact opposite about Switzerland/Sweden right now hehe. I am Switzerland homesick and Ylva Sweden homesick… 😀

      • I think it’s just a conspiracy to confuse the hell out of poor Andy! I’ve accused Ylva of this before 🙂

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