Nothing in life comes for free

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Hi and good morning! …yeah ok maybe it’s not really morning anymore but its now I’ve properly woken up. I might have to make myself another mint-chocolate coffee soon (yes, it’s awesome). Yesterday: mulled wine and Christmas market in Basel and then business dinner with Captario, and after that studying until 1 in the morning. What’s that saying again? Nothing in life comes for free?? Yeah. 😉

I got up this morning to a cold and grey Lucerne and I started to desperately long for the sun. So many of my friends have already left to spend Christmas in warmer climates and I’m so jealous! Well I guess they have solariums in Sweden and that’s not too far off right?


Today’s vegan breakfast idea: oatmeal porridge with frozen raspberries, roasted nuts and almond milk + ice coffee sweetened with stevia.



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