two-faced survival

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1984 was 30 years ago and I’m still here.
We sit in dark rooms with blood dripping down the corner of our eyes without noticing because screens and speakers have become the new reality and we devote our lives to black cubes and pills that numb our senses. We do this because we have to and because we can and because if we don’t we fade away as human beings.

That’s why we are two-faced, because we have to survive the craziness of the world outside and protect the shrinking child inside of us. That’s why we search beyond our understanding and that’s why we will travel beyond the stars and search for meaning because in this world the meaningless has meaning and the truth is hidden away. We are all two-faced in one way or another; it’s just a question of finding who you want to be.

So swallow that magic potion Jekyll, and we’ll see who’s laughing last.

tap, tap, tap.



  1. You and Maja are two talented sisters. My family has hair thinning genes 🙂

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