Tuesday snaps

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pilatusPilatus, view from (almost) my house + trains (I mean come on we’re in Switzerland!)

It seems my plead from yesterday worked because this morning when I had my coffee it started snowing!

Every time it snows it has a strange effect on me, kind of like the first midnight-sun you see in Sweden after a long time of being abroad. It simply fills me with energy, something some of these yoga-nerds (no offence I love you all but I just like running better) would call prana – life force energy. Sooo I packed my bags and went to town to study for a few hours and then do some Christmas shopping because I didn’t have a single present for anyone!

You know people say Christmas is about Jesus and God but I say hell no its about buying people stuff and getting stuff we don’t need but will make us happy in return. Oh this consumerism. Hello Christmas!

Well, I guess it’s a little bit about family. See you soon mum! ❤


yummy candy..


.. mulled wine and burned almonds at the market



  1. Far too many years have passed since I was able to visit Switzerland! I love your current city and would adore a chance to return there. Hope to do it soon! Better chances of getting back to Sweden, another place I love dearly. I’m glad to have ‘met’ you here so I can enjoy der Schweiz vicariously until I have the chance to return, at least.

    • Hi! When were you last in Switzerland? Lucerne? It’s such a nice city and the surroundings couldnt be more beautiful. Have you ever been to the top of Pilatus?

      • No, on my only visit to Lucerne (1981, if you can believe it), the visit was too short for any mountain trips, only walking around town as much as my sister and I could in the couple of days we spent. But we loved the city’s beauty and friendliness and certainly appreciated the mountains from below. I grew up in Seattle, another water-and-mountains wonderful city, so I really love places with similar gorgeous features!! 🙂

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