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As promised – some photos from this weekends dinner&dance! ❤


First me and C got ready, as always, at her place with rum and swedish music and carbonara (I had a vegan-free weekend) and then we all went downtown. The venue was sponsored by Jay’s and he provided music, cocktails and absolutely lovely indian food!

The theme was “Murder on the Mumbai express” and up until the very last minute I couldn’t decide wether to go in the Indian direction with a sari or in the high-class English one with pearls and diamonds, so I went as both! Well, kind of anyway, with the LBD and flowy hair, and large earrings and henna. Turned out allright 😉


There were new friends and old friends there and after the dinner (at 2) we all went out and didn’t get home to the hotel until 7 30 (!) when the staff had started to serve breakfast. Oops.

Damn I miss Basel. ❤

Now I’m going to eat a saffron-bun and have a cup of Rooibos.
Byyyyye! xxx


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