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In the wintertime I always have the two same problems: how to layer properly (and effectively) and how to wear my crop tops. Well guess what, I have the solution! Put the two together and you’ll have an unbeatable combo that works both at uni, when going shopping or for dinner.

If you’re like me and have a love for black, make sure you break the colour up with different materials, shades or by slapping on some red lipstick. This is also a perfect opportunity to use your office clothes in a new and exiting way!

Thanks Supernormall for the crop top! Check out their website HERE.


/ shoes H&M
/cardigan H&M
/trousers ZARA
/ leather jacket NAFNAF
/top Supernormall
/bag vintage
/scarf vintage
/ph Lara

Hope you beauties are fine! I have to go, need to keep working on some school work.
See you soon! xxx 😀



    • Thanks dear! Yes I love the blood-red colours, especially on brunettes but nature made me blonde, oh well 😉

  1. Alltså du är g-r-y-m (dock ser man ju typ inte croptoppen? hehe) Men DU MÅÅÅSTEEE skaffa en bättre kamera, gör du det så tror jag det här blir SÅÅÅÅ BRA (ÄNNU bättre). PUUUUUUUUUSS

    • Ääh det gör inget! Taack sötnos och jag vet jag måste verkligen skaffa en bra kamera. Om du hör något..

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