Laziness is poison for the mind

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I was going to write a post about how much I have to do in school and how tired I am and how I would rather go to sleep but you know what, I’m not going to do that!
Just got off the phone with my sister, she believes you can do anything in your life as long as it makes you happy, needless to say she’s very good at motivating people. So we were chatting along and I just realised that damn, imagen how many great ideas, how many great innovations and how many great minds were destroyed by pure laziness.

Example: you are watching tv and you know that you should study, but in the end the outcome will be that you keep watching tv because by not doing what you are supposed to do you can’t find any motivation to actually get your ass out of the couch and just do it.

Laziness is the enemy of success and I love being lazy.

Sure it’s nice to sleep in and put off work for a while, and you need that sometimes, but don’t let it become a habit and don’t let it distract you from your goals! Put in an extra hour at school or work til 1 on that presentation, it might hurt a little but it will be worth it.

As my father always say: “If you get yourself a good education you can get a good job and then you can do whatever you want”, because I want to be happy at work and I want to go to Australia, Korea, Sierra Leone and because I want to skydive over the Caribbean and I want to experience the freedom of being able to do whatever the hell I want.

Love from me studying at das weisse schaf (for motivational purposes, I swear!) to you wherever in the world you may be.




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