Monday night cooking (surprise, it’s vegan!)

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Burgers – the food equivalent of a warm hug on a winter night, simple yet satisfying and you can make it hottttt if you want to. Above: spicy vegan bbq bean and corn burger with salad, red onion, cucumber and avocado all wrapped in pita. So yum. So great. Who needs meat anyway? Haaah. 

Today was the start of my fourth (!!) week being vegan and you know what, it’s actually going really well. What started out as a two-week experiment has now turned into something I can see continuing on for at least a little longer!

Being a student I couldn’t really see the point in buying expensive meat anyway so the transition wasn’t that drastic. The only thing I really miss is cheese, I mean hey I live in Switzerland, the country of some of the most amazing cheese in the world! It’s hard not to give in to the temptation but so far so good.

The picture above is from Saturday when I went with J to Union Burger – a newly opened burger place in Basel. This is one of their vegan alternatives, with lentil/bean/quinoa patty, ruccola, tofu and vegan bacon.It is sort of a Swiss equivalent to Shake Shack but more expensive. Absolutely lovely though! If you’re ever in the neighbourhood I suggest you make a stop. 😉

Now sleep, I have to get up early to sketch on the new product development project we have going on.
Laters! xxx ❤




  1. O'meed Entezari says

    Some of the most flavorful and healthy recipes are vegetarian. Vietnamese and Indian recipes really attest to that. Sadly, I can’t be one, but it always seems like a good choice.

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