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Hej på er! Hey guys!
A quickie from me to you – the perfect grey t-shirt, a pair of leather imitations, a dust-pink faux and a pair of trainers made up today’s school-throw-on-every-day-outfit. Comfy and perfect for a Friday! Throw on a pair of platforms and you’re good to go for drinks as well.


Biking home from school I saw the most amazing thing, these two guys were standing at the side of the lake making gigantic bubbles! Ok maybe it’s not that amazing but hey if you’re easily entertained life gets more fun. Anyway, I love bubbles. Me and my sister used to blow hundreds of them up into the air and then dance around the room pretending we were princesses. For a while we also liked to pop them with our tongues but we realised pretty quickly there were less disgusting, but just as fun, ways of doing that (i.e. with darts, helloo? Obvious, dah).


On the agenda now: a few more cups of coffee (I already had three but caffeine is good for you so I don’t want no hating on my black gold – insert picture of Smeagol “MY PRECIOUSSSSSSSS” here) then head over to Basel and study.

See you later alligator! ❤ xx



    • Thanks! Yes that coat is a real favorite, you can just throw it on. I like your blog as well, so flowery!

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