Monday morning inspo

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Good morning and happy start of the week ❤


It’s time for some workout inspiration! My back has almost healed and the cold I’ve had for the last three weeks is gone so it’s time to start hitting the gym. Last week I went to rugby twice and I felt soo great afterwards, it really made me look forward to start working out again. We have a two week break now so I have a little time to build up what I lost during the last months.


Plan for the week:
Monday: some weights + cardio (treadmill)
Tuesday: spinning 1 1/2 h
Wednesday: kick boxing + weights
Thursday: rest (I have to work, meh)
Friday: MAX 1/2 h
Saturday: horse-riding
Sunday: rest

As some of you know I’ve been vegan for the last two weeks as an experiment. Turns out it’s made me feel really good so I’ll stick with it for another while. Let’s see how that works with training!

Now I’m off to the gym, speak later! xxx


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