New York

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NYCOLLAGEFUNAK2Oh happiness, I finally booked New York!

I’ve never been to the states and what better place to start than in this magnificent city? Before me I see vintage shopping, bagels, central park, cronuts (anyone know if the line to get one is still massive?), ballet, champagne and manhattans.

Anyone got some tips on where to go/what do do?

Laters! xxx ❤



  1. Go to Williamsburg market in Brooklyn, you get a great view of Manhattan from the other side of the river.
    Also check out the highline & ask for the whisper hall at Grand Central Station. 🙂
    Mostly, enjoy walking around!

    • Thanks nama! I love markets so I’ll definitely check it out. And the whisper hall sounds cool!

  2. Anonymous says

    You have to have to go to Schmackery’s, on 45th and 9th! Best cookies you’ve ever had 😀

      • Anonymous says

        There’s just too much haha, New York is so amazing 🙂
        The Met is definitely worth a visit and I guess all other touristic stuff are a must if it’s your first time in the city. And try to go to as many musicals as you can!
        Also, even though the subway is really convenient, try to walk to places, it’s the best way to see everything and usually it’s not actually that far…
        Finally, you probably don’t know it but there’s an Israeli chocolate restaurant chain called Max Brenner (and it’s sooo good) – just down broadway from Union Square!
        Have fun!

  3. Linnuminati says

    How nice! 🙂 Im going there myself, in december and spend the holiday with my granny and aunties. Never been there before, but my plans are much like yours(haha) I guess we just got to be the tourist we are then. Have fun and save journey whenever you are leaving!

    • Nice! I’m going in April but I would love to go in December, I hear Christmas in New York is absolutely amazing.

      • Linnuminati says

        Yeah Ive geard that too, but I guess spring in NY going to be awesme as if!

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