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So I’m going here. Athens, the capital of the beautiful and ancient land in the south. A rather impulsive choice by my sister, mum and me as the destination of a mother-daughter(s)-trip. I’ve never been and I’m so exited.

Why Athens? Well first of all I love Greek mythology and feta cheese so for me the destination is perfect. However let me put it this way.. You’ve never tried mountainboarding? Try it. You haven’t been to Athens? Go there. Always answer the question “Why?” with “Why not?”!




  1. O'meed Entezari says

    Cool pictures of the city! That first one is really awesome.

  2. I was in Athens for a few days in January, 2007, before heading north to Thessaloniki where my Gt Grandfather is buried. Went there on the 90th anniversary of his death, in World War One, I hope to visit again for the 100th year in 2017.

      • Yeah it was great. I like history so had to go up to the Acropolis-the view over Athens from up there is terrific. It was January and all the locals were in coats-I was in a t-shirt. Guess what is winter for them is summer for me 🙂 Thessaloniki was good too-and if beautiful beaches are your thing on the way up there is Halkidiki.

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