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Snow snow snow ❤

wintersweGothenburg, Sweden. Winter 2011.

As a Swede I grew up in a harsh climate. The summers were filled with rain and mist, the jellyfish lay thick in the bays and we cherished every moment the sun came out. The winters were either freezing cold or grey and stormy with non-stop rain. Those particular ones we called those the “green Christmases” – for the grass, the moss and the deep and seemingly endless forests that lay around us on the west coast, separating us from the north.

I never liked those years, you could already feel what kind of year it would be in November. The rule was, if the snow came early, Christmas would be green. If the snow came in December, chances were you would have a clear and snowy Christmas.


Switzerland is different. Christmas seems to always be green, but the difference is that you can always have snow if you want. The alps are never more than three hours away, and I’ve come to appreciate these snow-covered razors separating the country almost as much as the ocean at home. Almost 😉

This year I’ll spend Christmas in Sweden with J, my sister and my mum. Me and J have rented a flat in the center of Gothenburg, close to the harbor and in the middle of the student/alternative/art district. I can’t wait! On the agenda is “Julbord” (Christmas-buffet when you almost eat yourself to death), Christmas at Liseberg (a theme park with rides, a market and hundreds of trees decorated with millions and millions of lights), turkey dinner at my grandparents, shopping, lunches, glögg(mulled wine)-parties, breakfast at the café on the corner and meeting friends.

Aah take me home noooow. ❤



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