Costume recap

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Good morning darlings!
Gosh, I’m finally alive again after this weekend, or barely anyway. Analysing organisational structures on a Monday morning? Hah yes of course.
How are you? How was your Halloween? What did you dress up as? I was a bit lazy with my costume this year, all I needed was some fake blood, a bullet-belt, a machete and tons of eyeshadow and hai I’m a zombie-slayer! The cat-burglar next to me is my friend G, she’s crazy when it comes to costumes, always ahead of me! Fabulous as always. ❤


Easy, home-made, fun, badass. Check, check, check, check!


Sorry for the bitchface I was getting into character!

Unfortunately I lost eeeeverything as the night progressed. Why does this always happen to me? You pay a ridiculous amount of money on props and the moment you look away POOF it’s gone. Whoopsies.

Anyway, gotta get back to class.
Love! xx Ylva


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