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Her hair is concrete, the skin is graffiti, water is fire and cocaine is caviar. 

What better way to start the day than a clear and cold morning. Hi with love from me to you. Hope you all are feeling well. Wait, did I forget something? Right, it’s halloween today! What are you dressing up as? Are you even dressing up? Here in Switzerland Halloween isn’t that popular and not a lot of people celebrate it, but screw that (!) I’m doing it anyway.

Speak soon! xx Ylva

hat Barts / heels H&M / tee Crooks&Castles / coat Avant Premiere / bag vintage from Maja
ph Lara ❤




  1. Is it popular in Sweden? Here my four year son dressed up as a vampire, my seven year old daughter an. ‘evil Little Red Riding Hood’ 🙂 My two older daughters are way too cool to dress up, so they tell me!

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