How can you be cold? You’re Swedish.

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Yesterday I met up with a friend that I don’t see too often since she lives in Paris, but she’s in Basel for a few days now so we had the chance to meet up! It was great, we went to the Herbstmesse and had churros and went on rides (I thought I was going to die when we were on the free fall tower) and then ended up in Starbucks. Hopefully next month she’ll come to Luzern!

The downside of yesterday was that it was absolutely freezing and I only had a leather jacket and a scarf, which unfortunatley means that today I woke up unable to swallow and with a crazy headache. I’ve been home until now but we have important meetings at school so I still need to get my ass over there.
I can’t find enough scarfs to layer myself with tho. Meh.

Anyway, I hope you’re fine! See you later ❤



  1. In Manchester Starbucks have come up with a seasonal Spicy Pumpkin Latte. I thought it sounded disgusting-but having blogged a free sample of the girl who worked there it was gorgeous!

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