Going vegan /question mark/

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Best dinner in a while! – vegan red thai curry with tofu, inspired by this recipe.

So I’ve been thinking about trying veganism again, lately I’ve started to eat a lot less meat and dairy and more meat-substitutes like of quorn and tofu. Obviously quorn mostly isn’t vegan and I drink a little bit of milk every day but the general decrease of meat and has made me feel.. better. Somehow.

Then again it might just the change of season that’s affecting me, when the weather gets colder it usually makes me feel a little closer to home. Aaaah fika and cinnamon-buns and the harbour and Gothenburg and the Avenue.. Soon!

Or maybe it’s the awesome recipes out there that’s tempting me! I could try these awesome recipes like these vegan peanut butter muffins from here



Or collard wraps from here with avocado,red pepper, alfalfa, pecans and tamari mix!



Or this lovely-looking pumpkin soup from here!



Oh I’m exited now. Speak soon! xx



  1. Good luck. Just start replacing things one at a time, baby steps, and this will make the transition easier x

    • Hi, thanks, but I actually already started. Went cold turkey from one day to the other. So far so good 🙂

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