manic monday

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Lovely Switzerland being lovely as usual. View from Pilatus, lunch in Bättwil and the antique shop on the corner.  

Hello darlings, how are you?
We had an absolutely splendid weekend down in the land of the swiss, and thank god for that because this week will be mental! Project work til late at night, work, essays, assignments.. everything is happening at once! Oh and my wallet got stolen last week. Yeys!

Check in on you later, xxx ylva



  1. Lovely photos! I especially like the view of the second image… But autumn in Switzerland is really an adorable season with all its colors… 🙂 sending lots of positive energy to you for this hard-work-week! 🙂

  2. Manic Monday-that title reminded me of that song, it took me back to my teenage years. All that angst! Sorry to hear about your wallet. Let’s dream of karma. On another note, our Swiss student returns to you this weekend. Keep an eye out for him, he’s been overfed 🙂

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