Late night fever.

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Afternoon tea at Sketch in Mayfair, London. ❤

Aaaaah I want to travel. Being stationary is not really my thing, I easily get bored of one place and want to go somewhere else. To see, to experience, to live. I miss London, I miss Sierra Leone, I miss Australia.

I want to go somewhere I’ve never been before. Moscow is on my to-do(go) list, along with St. Petersburg, New York and Edinburgh. Russia for the language and the history, St Petersburg especially for the architecture, New York because well.. it’s New York, Edinburg because hell yeah Scotland!

My sister and I have been thinking about going somewhere together for a while now, Russia would be so cool but at the moment it seems Sweden will be invaded by Russia pretty soon anyway. Taha! Maybe Istanbul? Or Athens? Amsterdam? Aaah, det ger sig, as we say in Sweden, what happens happens and in the end we will end up somewhere and I know it will be fun and amazing and awesome because I’ll be with her.


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