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Looking to stock up on some cozy knitwear? Find yourself a store that sell the brand Barts. Although the brand started in St Tropez, they now specialise in beautifully designed hand-knitted winter accessories. I just got the “Avery-hat” from there and I love it! Take it from a Swede when she says it’s one of the best brands for winter accessories (yes, Fjällräven included!).


When I was younger I thought travelling meant planning for months and months in advance and always spending an insane amount of money. I remember in 2004 when my family was planning for a trip to Australia, we decided on the dates and booked almost a year beforehand! Nowadays you book like what, 2 months in advance? Of course with the implementation of the low-cost flights the prices are constantly being cut.
So anyway! Thank you EasyJet, thank you Ryan Air and thank you to all of the other airlines currently repositioning yourself as a low-cost airline. You make cheap-student-travelling possible!

The geniuses at Crystal Castles, for producing the best late-night-contemplating/studying/predrinks-music for I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to. Love! ❤


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